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In order to get a clear idea of what SouthStar Management Institute (SMi) is about, we have to get a sense of Vietnam in 2023. As a stable, prosperous country with energetic and motivated people, Vietnam is poised to be a critical economic and social force among ASEAN nations and beyond. Vietnam has resources, an advantageous geographical location and a demographically young population announcing to the world that post-COVID this country is ready to become an economic powerhouse. SMi sees, understands, and is committed to supporting this assertion to train people capable of pursuing a prosperous and peaceful future through meaningful and sustainable commerce.

SMi relies on our highly skilled, diverse, and international academic staff to deliver a well-rounded and dynamic business education based on research and real-world knowledge. This approach provides our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing global business environment while contributing to domestic prosperity. About 250 years ago Adam Smith published a set of books, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, and The Wealth of Nations, his objective was to show how people could live good, full prosperous lives through fair and mutually beneficial trade. He was a moral philosopher, writing about how to make a better world. We are all still trying to achieve this ideal. 

“SMi is committed to supporting our students, our faculty, and our business partners to create a sustainable and prosperous future for Vietnam and the world through better business practice.”

We are proud – and fortunate – to have professors who excel in both research and teaching. They are also committed to providing students with top-quality business education. 

Employers are consistently impressed by the quality of the students who graduate from SMi. Our graduates have a desire to learn and an entrepreneurial spirit that makes them great advocates for driving business transformation through innovation. By coming to SMi, recruiters know that they will find employees and perhaps future leaders that possess a global perspective from the perspective of an evolving Asian market.

We welcome you to engage our community of faculty, staff, students, and alumni who are consciously shaping the future.

Dr. David Hugh Saiia
SouthStar Management Institute Dean, Duy Tan University, Vietnam